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Our Vision

Sea Urchin has been a devastating problem for the ocean as it has destroy the biodiversity of the ocean. The sea urchin is a pest that can spawned very quickly in the south east ocean and consume all the kelps along the way. This in turn influence the ecosystem of the microorganism that is in the path of swamping sea urchin. One live sea urchin could weight about 800gram and it is considered relatively large. There is also a rare species that is the red sea urchin which their age could be up to century old and is named century red sea urchin. This sea urchin is very rare and hard to be found and harvested. In the early days there is not many people know about Australia sea urchin and Pacific Sea Urchin strived to create and innovate the Australia sea urchin to allow the global buyer to enjoy this delicacies.

Pacific Sea Urchin Australia established in the year 2017 and specialised in exporting and distributing Australia sea urchin. Our team has visited Japan and Canada to learn the processing skills in sea urchin and successfully export sea urchin to internationally and globally. In 2019, we have received great feedbacks from Toyosu auction market with great interest from buyers. In recent years, we have exported to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau and USA.